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The Blue Zones (Second Edition)

Regular price £9.99

9 lessons for living longer from people who've lived the longest

Dan Buettner

National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner draws on different communities from around the globe who provide the best living examples of longevity. He deduces what each of these communities do to boost their longevity and wellbeing, including diet, outlook, coping mechanisms for stress (if they experience any). By emulating these practices, we too can hope to live a happier and longer life. Good genes will give you a good start, but adopting good habits soon overtakes this. Buettner draws on inspiration from around the globe, from Japan to Costa Rica to Sardinia in Italy, and his latest Blue Zone discovery: Ikaria in Greece. With his easy to follow 'best practices', we can all implement the life within a Blue Zone and benefit inside and out, and - who knows - maybe inspire our own Blue Zone community.

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