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Hazelnut Oil

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Hazelnut oil

Primal cure hazelnut oil is 100% acquired by cold pressed methods, then filtered and left unroasted. This nutty and sweet tasting oil is best used for creating dressings or adding to marinades rather than being used a cooking oil.

The nutrients found in hazelnut oil have benefits for your hair, skin and diet. Hazelnut oil is an extremely excellent source of vitamin E known as the anti-aging star (you’ll often find it as an added nutrient in anti-aging creams). Remember that both hair and skin age, so any boost of vitamin E will benefit your health and appearance.

Hazelnut oil is a great source of linoleic acid (omega-6), which is beneficial for eczema-prone or dry skin, has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps retains moisture in haircare. It also makes an excellent massage oil, whether used on its own or blended with your favourite essential oil to create your own scented massage oil.

Suggested uses for hair and skincare:

For hair:

  • Stimulate your hair follicles by applying as scalp oil, you may need to experiment whether you can use as a leave-in conditioner or use as a pre-shampoo treatment to lock in moisture

For skin:

  • Use as a massage or carrier oil for use in massage
  • Apply directly to skin as a facial moisturizer (blend with your favourite essential oil if you aren’t keen on the sesame seed smell)


100% hazelnut oil

Allergens: contains nuts (hazelnut)

Nutritional information:

 Energy – 3700kJ / 884kcal per 100g

Fat (g) – 100 (142% RI)

Of which saturated (g) – 14 (70% RI)

Carbohydrate (g) – 0.00 (0% RI)

Of which sugar (g) - 0.00 (0% RI)

Protein (g) – 0.00 (0% RI)

Salt (g) – 0.00 (0% RI)


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