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Christmas 'Warm the Cockles' Hamper

Regular price £14.99 Sale price £30.95

Keep the chills away with our Christmas 'Warm the Cockles' Hamper, created to keep you topped up with warming drinks and supplements, which will keep you feeling your best during the winter months.
  • Invigorate Tea
  • Pick me up Fruity Tea
  • Juniper Essential Oil
  • Turmeric
  • Immune
  • RRP £30.95

Instead of paying the £30.95 RRP, you can receive your Christmas 'Warm the Cockles' Hamper for just £14.99, saving you 52%!

If you like the idea of Christmas in a mug, then just wait until you try the Invigorate tea, made with Turmeric, Heather, Rosemary, Ginger & Lemon.

If you're look for something with more of a citrus twist to warm you up, we're also giving you the option of our Pick Me Up Fruity tea.

Try out a traditional cold weather remedy, we suggest running yourself a nice warm bath, adding a few drops of Juniper oil and relaxing those muscles.

A hot toddy drink is a popular remedy for beating the winter chills, but how about adding some Turmeric?  Also known as Indian Saffron, this magnificent supplement and spice can be used to make a delicious hot toddy or spicing up your everyday cooking. 

Happy gut, happy life - There's lots of evidence that suggests the link between the microbiome and mental health. We all know the festive season is a very busy time of year, so we want you to feel happier, healthier and more content, so add an immune supplement into your daily routine.                                                             

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