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Bedtime Herbal Tea (20 Bags)

Product image 1Bedtime Herbal Tea (20 Bags)
Product image 2Bedtime Herbal Tea (20 Bags)
Product image 3Bedtime Herbal Tea (20 Bags)

Regular price £3.99

Benefits of Bedtime Tea 

  • Helps you wind down and relax before bed time 
  • Otherwise known as Melissa or Lemon Balm tea 
  • Delicious, calming flavour 
  • 100% pure and natural 
  • Caffeine free 

Relax and un-wind before bedtime 

A good night time routine is so important for a good night’s sleepA cup of our bedtime tea before bed will help you relax and feel calm before you sink into bed and enter the wonderful world of slumber.  

Our herbal sleep remedy works best alongside some screen-free time to rid your mind of any worries, practising yoga or losing yourself in a good book. 

100% Pure and Delicious 

Our bedtime tea is otherwise known as ‘melissa tea’ or lemon balm tea. It has an innate, delicate sweetness which calms the senses and emanates from a natural combination of mint and lemon.  

We chose Melissa tea as our bedtime tea thanks to its ability to relieve digestion problems; because nobody wants to go to bed with a stomach ache. People also believe in its ability to have a wonderful soothing effect. So, with a settled stomach and peaceful mind, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for a restful night.


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