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Primal Primary Pack

My name is Steve Bennett and I set up Primal Cure owing to my personal experience and a vast amount of research, because I’m concerned the UK faces genuine peril owing to the very food we eat. Not only are there poisons within our food, but it is also lacking in crucial nutrients.

At a time when real hunger has all but been eliminated, in our country it has been replaced by eating habits that are positively dangerous. In fact, they are potentially lethal. How has this happened? Because over the last 60 years just about everything we have been told about how and what we should eat is wrong; dangerously wrong. And it’s all down to greed - not yours or mine, we’re the victims - but the greed of food industries with vested interests.

Consider some typical advice we’re given: "Eat little and often."


So who’s in favour of that? The snack industry!

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."


So who promotes that idea?

The breakfast cereal guys of course! Well not just them. Last month a well-respected, major food retailer ran a full page ad showing a plate containing four half slices of wholemeal bread and a glass of orange juice with the closing statement: "...so you get the best start of the day" - if it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

But eating the so called "right food", even in the right amounts, isn’t the whole answer. Why? Two reasons. First, because what we’ve been told are the right and wrong foods is not correct – in some cases entirely the opposite. Second, and perhaps most fundamentally (because this is something that will take generations to change if indeed it is possible at all) is that the very soil on which our crops grow and on which our livestock feed,  has been drained of nutrients and smothered in chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

As a result, through modern farming techniques and state of the art food processing, we get plenty of food but we are not getting the nutrition we need. Our ancestors didn’t need supplements. Our ancestors’ diverse diet and unspoiled environment meant they had no need for supplements. Now that our soil is depleted and full of toxins and chemically produced pesticides, we cannot get the nutrition we need from food alone. Taking supplements is now essential for a healthy life.

Take your first pack worth £39.94 at an unbelievable first-time offer!

To get you on your first step to The Primal Cure, I have created the "Primary Pack".

What the Primary Pack will do is set the foundations for a healthier you. Our powerful multivitamins are designed to provide over 27 crucial vitamins and minerals. The additional boost of vitamin C and magnesium will help reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst the probiotics and turmeric amongst many other things, will help protect your immune system. The Omega 3 is added for a multitude of health benefits, from preventing cognitive decline to supporting functions of the heart. 

In each subsequent pack, you will continue to receive the exact same supplements (as shown in the picture). The whole purpose of the programme is to maintain health on a day-to-day basis. I personally have been taking these five supplements for over 12 months and I can really feel the difference. I recommend them to all of my friends and family who are over 18 years-of-age, as an introduction to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. To introduce you to the Primal Cure Primary Pack we’ll send you the first pack FREE asking only that you pay the standard delivery charge of £2.99. (And if you buy other goods with your order of value £35 or more you’ll be entailed to free delivery anyway)
  2. If, as I hope, you’re delighted with your first pack you need do nothing – we’ll send you subsequent packs at 30-day intervals*. Each of these costs £29.94 (£10 OFF the normal price) with Free Delivery! (*Your second pack will be sent 21 days after the first to ensure you have sufficient in hand in the event of any future delivery delays.)
  3. If for any reason you do not wish to continue, even after receiving just your Free first pack, simply let us know at any time but at least seven days prior to your next scheduled delivery. You can do this online through Manage My Subscription.


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