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Our Beliefs

Steve Bennett

It's true that grandads can still snowboard and that you don't have to be on the beach to top up with vitamin D!

Okay, so Steve's a little bit obsessed with the Primal Movement, but how did it all start?

4 years ago, father and adventurer Steve Bennett trekked to the North Pole, an expedition that saw his frostbitten doctor get dramatically rescued. Within 48 hours of returning to the UK, he competed in a marathon. As you would expect, Steve paid great attention to both his training regime and diet. However, to his dismay and bewilderment, his body fat was a staggering 29%. Obese!

Later that year, Steve’s wife after a very long break, expectantly announced that she was pregnant with Steve’s 7th child. Steve concerned by his lack of health, decided that to successfully parent a new born, he would need to uncover what was making him so unfit.

About the book Primal Cure

Primal Cure documents the learning and discoveries of an extremely motivated father asking open, honest and difficult questions regarding our diet, lifestyle and environment. It unveils secrets that governments, food companies and pharmaceutical giants don’t want us to know. Throughout its entirety, the book is straight-speaking, educational and challenges our commercially influenced beliefs on food. It’s a complete guide book, for health, happiness, longevity and is unlike anything written before. Its core learning demonstrates how evolution is an extremely slow process and how we need to realign our diet, lifestyle and environment, as close to that for which were designed. Or as Steve calls it, our Primal Cure.

About Primal Products

Shortly afterwards, Steve changed both his diet and lifestyle, and started to take supplements on a daily basis. However, the more he investigated the supplements that he was taking, the more he noticed areas where with a little more spent on the quality of the ingredients, the more pure and natural (primal) supplements could become. Then shortly after they began to develop a range of supplements, something bizarre happened. Steve who ever since his auntie died 19 years ago, had avoided deodorants on her advice, was given one for Christmas by his wife, stressing that it was completely natural. So Steve started to use and apparently did smell a lot better! However, two months later, to his dismay, he read the label on the back of the deodorant and found it was full of aluminium. He was absolutely furious with how the brands title and claims were misleading and how as Steve puts it, many brands "play games with words".

That event saw Primal extend its range of products beyond supplements, to encompass as many areas of lifestyle and environment where he felt the consumer needed a more natural and Primal alternative. All products at Primal Cure, are developed with the consumers health at the forefront of mind.

Primal Mission

In an environment vastly changed from the one our bodies evolved to live in, we are driven by one purpose; 'to support health, wellbeing and longevity, so that individuals can thrive in the modern world'. We embrace technology, research and science, to extract natures goodness – enabling us all to love life – naturally.

James Wells - General Manager

As an elite international Karate athlete, James Wells has competed for major titles both domestically and overseas since he was a teenager. Having won silverware at World level, what makes his story so remarkable is that he’s achieved his greatest success as a two-time cancer survivor!

James was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at the age of 21 and twice battled the disease, first in 2010 and again 2011. He spent a staggering 286 days in hospital in just 15 months as an inpatient and beat the illness when a stem-cell transplant from his younger sister saved his life.

After Total Body Irradiation and 11 courses of Chemotherapy, James was told he might never be fit to fight again due to the affects of intensive treatment. But he defied the odds, regaining his physical prowess and representing his country again less than 18 months later… He’s not looked back since.

Seven years on, James is still competing for England, is an inspiring motivational speaker and is at the forefront of the Primal Cure movement; believing in the power of good exercise and a healthy diet to promote a healthy lifestyle. Before his exploits in business or his successes as an athlete and fighter, James is proud most of all to call himself a survivor.

Hannah Anderson – Head of Digital

Hannah, Head of Digital, works her magic on Primal Cure’s recipes, social media content, and design. It’s her role to ensure that we always provide you with mouth watering Primal recipes, knowledgable blog content and to keep you up to date with Steve’s Primal beliefs.

Before joining Primal Cure, Hannah was a full time Graphic Designer and Part Time Food and Fitness Blogger. It’s safe to assume she’s a food genius, design whizz and fitness lover.

Sian Smith – Head of Research

Sian heads up our research and development team, overseeing formulation of our natural cosmetics range, including skincare and haircare, making sure they live up to criteria that will complement and boost a Primal Lifestyle. Sian’s belief in natural products stems from a toxic-free lifestyle which began several years ago after starting a family: natural health from outside and inside, for the entire community and family. She’s also a big fan of Primal Cure Move More – taking regular walks on lunch breaks, using stairs instead of lifts, and has even taken up ballet alongside the Primal Cure exercise routines as part of her exercise regime

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