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Best Black Friday Supplement Deals

Steve Bennett

With Black Friday (23rd November) right around the corner, we thought we’d bring you our best Primal deals. With 50% ...

Superior Primal Probiotics Hit the Market

Steve Bennett

Research suggests that 90% of all known illnesses can be traced back to an unhealthy gut...

Sky TV Joins the Primal Movement as Primal Cure TV Goes Live

Sian Smith

We're on Sky TV (channel 670)! Learn more about the Primal movement and how it can change your life for the better...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Final Thoughts

Steve Bennett

Today I'm bringing the zero carb liquid only week to an end. Let's see how the journey ends shall we...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Day Five

Steve Bennett

We're almost there! Day five, here we go. Results have been incredible! Let's see if it'll continue...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Day Four

Steve Bennett

Here we go then - day four! Almost there with my zero carb liquid only week. Let's see what today has in store...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Day Three

Steve Bennett

So, half way through my zero carb liquid only week and what an experience it's turning out to be. The results I'm see...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Day Two

Steve Bennett

Day two of my carb free week and I’m feeling incredible! Yesterday was a great day – full of energy and I'm seeing gr...

My Primal Cure Carb Free Liquid Only Week - Day One

Steve Bennett

Today is day one on my zero carb, liquid only journey. Watch the video to see how the day unfolds...

Serious about losing weight? SlimShotz from Primal cure can help

Steve Bennett

Using only 100% natural ingredients, find out more about the magic behind our new hero product SlimShotz...

My Primal Cure Carb Free, Liquid Only Week - Ground Zero

Steve Bennett

From Monday, I'll be going carb free for 7 days! Read about how my zero carb liquid only journey will start...

My North Africa Adventure

Steve Bennett

Whilst long cycles and elevated heart rate for sustained periods of time is not Primal, sometimes you just have to do...
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