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Best Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp At Home

Steve Bennett

It’s funny isn’t it, we all take great care to get our hair cut, dyed and styled regularly, but when it comes to hair...

Avocado And Coconut Moisturising Face Mask

Steve Bennett

Hands up if you want your skin to be in the best condition it possibly can. Thought so. The truth is, with the high l...

Lime & Almond Oil Body Scrub

Steve Bennett

It’s a popular assumption that almost 60% of what we put on our body is absorbed by our skin. However, looking at rec...

2 in 1 Oat And Banana Facial Scrub And Mask

Steve Bennett

Looking after our skin and environment should just be as important to us as it is looking after our diets. This 2 in ...

Primal Moisturising Conditioner

Steve Bennett

Now that we have a Primal friendly shampoo recipe, I think it’s also important to give you all a nourishing and moist...

Primal Baking Soda Shampoo

Steve Bennett

Move aside toxic shampoo’s, there’s a new homemade, Primal friendly shampoo in town and it’s made with a kitchen stap...

Homemade Mint Toothpaste

Steve Bennett

During a Primal Detox it’s important to use the most organic ingredients where possible, including your daily toothpa...
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