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The Great British Health Warning

As a nation, we are starving our bodies of good nutrition, instead poisoning ourselves with mass-produced, artificially-modified, sugar-loaded nonsense. And we are using shampoos, antiperspirants and creams made with substances known to cause harm. Furthermore, we are stressed, don’t sleep enough, yet are sedentary.

Our human body was not designed to live like this.

As a result, British adults are now 2.5 stone (nearly 16kgs) heavier than they were just 50 years ago, and it won’t be long before 1 in 3 is obese. Alarmingly, half our population at some point in their life will be diagnosed with cancer, and dementia has grown at an epidemic rate to become the biggest killer of women.

How have we ended up here?

Well, much of what we currently believe to be healthy - or at least acceptable - has been shaped by misguided research, corporate greed and outdated governmental advice.

So, how do we halt Britain’s decline into ill health?

We first accept that we have little evolved since our Primal ancestors and then realign both our diet and lifestyle to the fundamental needs of the human body.

Welcome to Primal Cure.

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FREE Primal Cure dispenser

We’ve all been there. Not quite sure what vitamins and supplements we’ve taken and when! You either end up doubling up or not taking any for that day at all…so frustrating! What could make that easier? A supplement dispenser of course!

So, here’s a little Primal treat to help you keep on top of your daily dose of nutritional goodness.

With your first order of any Primal Cure vitamin and mineral supplements we’re giving away a FREE Primal Cure dispenser.

This fabulous supplement dispenser contains seven detachable boxes (one for each day of the week) with four separate compartments in each box – one for the morning, one for the afternoon, one for evening and one spare…you know just in case! They’ve been designed perfectly with our Primal range of supplements in mind, so what are you waiting for? Get your first order placed today to receive your free dispenser.

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